Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The Gecko's of Wall Street should Pay First BEFORE Congress does any bail-out

Before any Congressional bail-out, something must first take place... not after, BEFORE.

All those responsible for designing and implementing the incentive schemes for sales of Sub Prime Mortgages and for creating an environment for the wholesale dumping of loan packages against securities that did not support value or capacity to repay on default should re-pay all bonuses into the proposed USTreasury Dept.'s Liquidity Bail-OutFund, IMMEDIATELY... I mean all bonuses and profits derived from them post bonus payment.

All the culprits assets should be immediatly frozen no matter where in the world they have secreted their greedy gains away and be re-directed to the Liquidity Fund... hey who knows there might even be surplus that can be directed into health care, education, sustainable transport and greenhouse gas mitigation ...

Oh and in terms of an equitable distribution of liability and tracking the schemes they put in place to create this mess, so they could run away smiling and expect the Feds to prop them up...

(The 700Billion dollars they are calling for now is an obscene abuse of pot calling kettle black.. they are crying (sniff) "we stuffed up so help us keep going so we can keep doing what we have always done, been gready and made people suffer".... NO enough is enough....take the money back from the burrows of the Geckos and their pals, so go after it, get it back)... Well, in this day of electronic records and data storage, all transactions in the past 10 years are trackable, right back to the scheme designers... and thus it is easy peasy to allocate the proportionate liability to those who most benefited and ran...(away leaving the bomb craters)

Congress, first, give the US Federal Justice Department and the FBI some nifty delving work they can get their teeth into...

Go to it Capital Hill, before they spend it all on girls, resorts and cheap thrills in defence contract purchases for foreign governments... its not too late... and then only then, should Congess and other governments around the world think (slowly) about a bail-out...

The greedy have had their day, just like carnivorous practices of big busines's persuit for massive heyday corporate profits and the persuit of executive salary bonuses for failure have had their day...

Congress...don't let the tail pullers wag your body...get on with it and have the guts to go for the creators of this mess NOW not after....their (ummm OUR) money is sitting in their banks now, take it back before you even think about giving them any more!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Je suis un radiodiffuseur

...finally... the YarraBUG Radio Show hits the airways...

last Monday at 10am six stalwart bike buddies occupied Studio 1 at 3CR Community Radio in Melbourne and flicked the switch to commence broadcasting a weekly offering to give the cyclist in you a voice in the media maelstrom.

PIC. 1 The Broadcast team from YarraBUG LtoR: Emma, Rob, Val, Steve, Chris & Sonya

The YarraBUG Show is a production of Yarra Bicycle User's Group, with assistance from Yarra City Council's Community Development Grants programme.

YarraBUG's radio program intends to promotes urban cycling as a viable means of transport, provide support to campaigns to improve cycling conditions and awareness; promotes Yarra's cycling conditions, demystifies cycling technology and helps to reveal the diversity of cyclists from children to commuters to lobbyists.

In short, the YarraBUG radio program will encourage people to join in the sheer fun of bicycle riding and sustainable transport.

The show is not only for cyclists, as we'd also love non-cyclists to be in the audience!
I would like to thank the the City of Yarra for the assistance given to YarraBUG
via their Community Grants Program to fund the show.

We would also like to thank 3CR Community Radio for their strong support to get the show on air and to 3CR's hardworking staff, especially Elanor, Nicole, Leanne, Bree and Juliet.

YarraBUG is based in the Melbourne inner suburbs of Abbotsford, Alphington, Burnley, Carlton North, Clifton Hill, Cremorne, Collingwood, Fairfield, Fitzroy, Fitzroy North, Princes Hill and Richmond.

YarraBUG advocates on behalf of cyclists for improved cycling conditions with organisations, such as City of Yarra, VicRoads, Bicycle Victoria and many other groups.

YarraBUG is particularly interested in hearing from cyclists who may not be residents of Yarra but who commute daily through the area.

Both cyclists and residents local knowledge, resources and skills are important in creating
awareness and a safe cycling environment in Yarra.

A Bicycle User Group (BUG) is a community based organisation set up by cyclists.

There are a number of different sort of BUGS, such as those defined by a geographical area or workplace or by place of education eg University/TAFE College.

The role of BUGs can be to provide a forum for cyclists to meet and discuss local bicycle issues, work with local government to improve cycling conditions, promote all types of cycling,
assist others to start cycling and arrange and participate in social rides.
YarraBUG program presenters are Emma, Rob, Sonya, Steve, Val and Chris

Yarra Bicycle Users Group: Mondays, 10 - 10.30pm on 3CR Community Radio

and streaming LIVE on the web at http://www.3cr.or.au/ and on the radio at 855AM in Melbourne.

Tune in, , we would love to hear your suggestions for content and if you have material fort us send us contributions through YarraBUG

If you wish to help keep us on air, you can donate, sponsor or subscribe to 3CR and support our show, call 3CR during business hours at (+61) (0)3 9419-0377 they will happily accept your subcription and earmark donations and sponsorship to our show's budget... we are non-profit and rely on your support to stay on the air for you- so call 3CR and be a supporter, they will then send out all the great station show bag materials to you.

Safe cycling, happy listening and remember..LIFE IS BETTER ON A BICYCLE