Monday, July 30, 2007

Oil will be $150 a barrel by 2010 - what does this mean for you?

My good friend Alan Parker has some considerable experience in the world of Bicycle Advocacy in particuclar and Vulnerable Road User Advocacy in General.

He is getting on a bit these days, but still spritely as ever and watchful of the world. He let me know about this in some discussions recently over facts and issues about the status of bicycles in the world of big business and politics and the impact of Oil on future transport and public policy issues around responsible transport choices and alternatives..

here is what he has to say on Oil.

Times are changing fast. See comments below from a research data news agency and think of the consequences of high crude oil prices over $100 a barrel for increasing funding for bicycle transport. The attractiveness of building infrastructure for bicycles and electric bicycles in the not so distant future is going to greatly increase and we have to start pushing for this to be recognized before the Federal election. With high oil prices Bicycling becomes an important way of conserving oil and electric bicycles with batteries charged by small domestic solar cell arrays become an extremely attractive transport option. Note that china made 16.5 million electric bikes last year.
Bye Alan
ODAC (The Oil Depletion Analysis Centre-London) news Investec's Guinness sees oil price doubling (Reuters, Thu 19 Jul)

Comment: This really ought to be front page news, but I do not remember seeing this reported in anywhere (Reuters is a News Agency). As mentioned last week, it is ok for the IEA to forecast oil demand will outstrip supply over the next 5 years, and ok for the media to report this, but not ok to analyse what the consequences will be, yet.

Article: Citywire AA-rated Tim Guinness believes the oil price will hit $150 a barrel by 2010 and shock people into reducing their dependence on the resource.

Guinness, manager of the Investec Global Energy fund, made his comments after last week's report from the International Energy Agency warned the world would face a "supply crunch" in 2012 due to poor output from non-Opec countries clashing with strong demand within the cartel's oil producers.

The report led to a spike in oil prices to their highest level in nearly a year at $72.65 a barrel, around $2 below its highest ever level.

Guinness agrees with the IEA forecast and expects the oil price to rise steadily over the next five years as supplies dwindle.

AA-rated Ian Henderson, manager of the JPM Natural Resources fund, said the oil price could double in five years.

He also warned there could be an oil shortage before this date due to lack of investment in the industry.

"The issue is about money and access. Not enough money is being invested in the industry and so the access to the oil reserves is not as good as it should be," said Henderson.

Guinness thinks that once oil hits the $150 mark it will be enough to force people to change their attitude to the commodity.

He said: "To control the oil price demand growth must be negative, which will happen when oil hits $150 and it will stay there until demand for oil falls."

Once the effects of this have been felt, Guinness expects the oil price to fall back to $100, which he believes should be the level at which it stays for the long term.

He said: "If I was Opec I would manage oil at this price. Energy accounts for 15 percent of world GDP spending and oil at $100 is tolerable."

Guinness believes once oil stays consistently at the $100 level the economy will turn its focus to alternative energy supplies.

He said: "$100 is a level at which alternative energy sources work economically and on a large scale."

Tour of the Great Ocean Road 2008

Will Cadel be along?

Tour of the Great Ocean Road Oct 28th, 2007 ( day after the Melbourne to Warrnambool Classic ("The Warnie" here is a history of the worlds longest one day bike race)

The course is from the fabulous coastal city of Warrnambool along the Great Ocean Road and though the Otways. A magic area to enjoy in all its glory from the rich farmlands to the beaches and fishing resorts along the way and superb bushland and mountain scenery coming into Apollo Bay, three rides to choose from 71, 120 & 168 klms giving options for relaxing, shorter rides or a diversion to a great eatery or sights.

Not a bad way to finish the Warnie weekend.

Roadie teams anyone?... maybe an Aus.bic or even a WoJ team ?, by then WoJ might even have a WoJ team kit! would be great if WoJ honorary members (like Simon Gerrans, ) were there!

Entry details here: also will aid the Amy Gillett Foundation

No info on support, ( kit, bags, etc or logistics getting to and fro just accommodation links) , riders may need a Sag Wagon for each team, but that is likely anyway for most riders visiting the Warnie.
Interesting that Caribou call it a "Recreational Ride" (for most abilities), but riders must wear a "race" number.
A superb road for recreational touring and a great venue for such a gathering... bring it on!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

A letter to Dr John Reid

Dear Dr John,

I am a cycling safety advocate and a committee member of the Bicycle Federation of Australia.

I read the ABC news briefing today on your statements re: the death of James Gould and the Hell Ride.

I am concerned by your ( or is it their) assertion that hundreds of riders partake in a “race” known as the Hell Ride.

I am not sure what research you have on the current recreational and commuting use of Beach Rd ( or other Melbourne roads like Kew Blvd etc), however it is a fact that no longer do hundreds of riders partake in the ride known to the media as the Hell Ride. Up to 8000 recreational riders ( moms dads, grandparents, sons and daughters all) ride Beach Rd each Saturday and Sunday morning between 6am and 12noon ( more than the number of vehicles at that time).(Bicycle Victoria Figures, VicRoads & Bayside City Council). These are recreation riders either in groups riding together two by two for safety ( and legally) or in small groups or individually. Some groups are organised by cycling clubs as regular gatherings for training or social activity.
On occasions triathlon events are conducted with a riding component under supervision of VicRoads, Councils and Police.
Predominately the riders of beach Road are not competing in anyway and are enjoying the outdoors on a bicycle. This number of riders is growing each week and with fuel costs rising, more riders will commute to work on bicycles rather than in cars in the years to come. Each year more bicycles are sold than motor vehicles (source: Cycling Promotion Fund)

In context, the so called Hell Ride is a group of riders who voluntarily ( it is organised by no one) gather to ride to Frankston to Mt Eliza each Saturday morning from 7am to approximately 8-30 am. It is ridden at high intensity compared to many recreational riders, due to the level of fitness and competence of the riders ( mainly club level and pro-riders).
This ride in its history has some notoriety because of bad habits of some riders not stopping for red lights, however in recent years due to police action and a voluntary code of behaviour these incidents have been removed largely.
The sad death of James Gould was not indicative of current Hell Ride “behaviour” as you put it. The Coroner has full information on how the ride played out that day, and it is on record.
The ride occurs at a time of low traffic intensity, it is over before most Saturday drivers and riders are on the roads. It however does reach riding speeds of 40klm ph and on some descents 50-60 klmph. St Kilda Cycling Club and the Amy Gillett Foundation have met with the riders and made sure they are aware of their obligations to all road users to obey the law and ride responsibly. The Police air arm is monitoring current rides and did so today . (Sat 28 July) There was a rumour among the cycling forum readers last night that some people planned to flour bomb the riders this morning. This is a dangerous suggestion, alarming and no doubt a product of media incitement and misinformation.

What is being confused by the media and is a clear perception put forward by you is that the ride is a race. It is not a race.
What is a race, is drivers aiming to get to work each day in their cars and competing on the road way for every available space. In fact the activity of dangerous drivers, distracted, speeding or drug affected drivers is more dangerous to vulnerable road users ( including commuting and recreational cyclists) than this one unofficial ride could ever be.
The rare death of James Gould is certainly not acceptable by anyone. However you must keep it in context and properly explain your thesis. You may have been taken out of context, however the perception is that every rider on Beach Road is a “racer” that these riders are blatantly ignoring road rules, that they are exhausted and distracted and thus place themselves and all other road users in peril. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I trust you will offer an explanation for your thesis, that you have research and responsible information to support your assertion and the context in which you make it. If you have been taken out of context then I trust you will make such a statement.

You must be clearly aware that responsible recreational and commuting cycling is a desirable community activity, that bicycle riding is a valid transport choice and a lifestyle activity that brings benefits to participants that can be measured in enormous community contribution. To mis-state facts about on road usage of bicycles is irresponsible in this day and age.

We live in an age of driver insulation and distraction, you make no mention of this. We have huge damage to our society by the pollution of motorised commuting transport, you make no mention of this. Society suffers from Obesity, Cardiac & Arterial Disease, Diabetes and Cancer, all able to be reduced by regular active exercise and diet, co-activities of a normal bicycle rider.

I do not support any abuse of the road rules by anyone and advocate for safe responsible on road activity by all road users. However all “newsy “items must be taken in context and your responsibility when quoted is to ensure your “message “is truthful, not misleading and can be validated.

If we can assist you in your research into the psychology of driver/rider distraction please let us know as we firmly believe many road users require a change of attitude, not just some bicycle riders.

Best regards

Rob Eke
Wheels of Justice

Teach em Young

Does your mom think you are a "doper"?

This just in from Graeme Street, Cyclo-Core Coach & "Nutritionist in Connetticut, his mom asks the question, as she doesnt know what to think these days!

"My mother thinks I'm a DOPER! Does yours?
My mother just asked me last night if I was taking
"dope" to help me ride better like the PRO's!!
I said..."WHAT?! Ma...I'm just a REGULAR EVERYDAY
CYCLIST! Not some PRO with a paycheck! Do you think
I'm stupid enough to do something like that? I don't
even race a lot? I'm no Tour contender, I'm barely
even a group ride contender!;)" (she didn't get it)
To me, the question was comical. But to her, it was
a serious question as she is NOT a cyclist and can only
speculate about things based on what she hears in the
news. And you know what...I DON'T BLAME HER!
She doesn't understand that 'Everyday Cyclists', people
like YOU & ME, ride for the pleasure, the self-challenge,
and the pure joy of the sport! Not to contaminate our
bodies so we can win our local bunch sprint on Saturdays
or the Masters division in a race! Come'on!
Do you see the problem here though rob?
It's time to CHANGE THINGS...and we are the ONLY people
who can do it! You and Me...and I need your help!
The MISSION of Cyclo-CORE and Graeme Street:
1. Help YOU, and every other cyclist I come in contact
with get in the absolute best physical and mental
shape possible through the use of SMART TRAINING,
HEALTHY EATING, FOCUSED RIDING and a System that works!
I can't possibly do this one at a time, so that's why I
have my TRAINING & NUTRITION System...
2. Demonstrate to the WORLD just how much a person
with the right info, support, and drive can make a

difference in their life and the live's around them.
(I want and need your feedback, stories, and success
to share with others and FEED the positivity! )
3. Develop ongoing programming for ALL of us to have
a community to call our own, where we can come together
to learn, improve, get stronger, and have more fun!
(I am already working on this and plan on having my
New SECRET PROJECT up and running in September!)
4. Get to the Juniors! Develop the base support all
junior development needs to ride healthy, strong, and
happy! This one is critical to bring the sport back
(My ideas for Juniors are coming out soon, so if you
run a junior development squad, please email: and leave a contact.)
5. Lastly, I am determined to bring more support to the
offline cycling clubs, charters, teams, and charities that
exist and create a HUB of solidarity for us all so we can
improve together. HUMAN CONTACT!
**If you are a coach, a trainer, spin instructor, team
leader, group leader, etc. Please email: and place in the subject line:
---(your name), want to help!---
Well that's it rob. I'm no doper and I know

that you are not either...but the writing is on the wall.
Some people see negativity with what's going on, but I
see OPPORTUNITY! The chance to make a decisive difference
in people's lives and in the sport I love so much.
I for one, am ready for the challenge. Are you?
Ride Hard. Call Your Mom. Move Towards Opportunity.
Graeme Street
The Cyclo-CORE On the Go! and Cyclo-FUEL Nutrition
COMBO is a great starting place for ANY CYCLIST who
wants a fast, effective, proven way to get strong and
lean for improved health and cycling!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Media and its Hunger de Farce

Re: opinion de farce
A female runner has tested positive for EPO in an OOC test on Jun 18, is International Athletics being called IAAF de Farce?, (remember Ben Johnsson, FloJo etal?) Ferarri is claiming a spying scandal in F1 de Farce, Italy has had corruption exposed in its football administration in UEFAdefarce, AFL is legendary in FootydeFarce... Pro basketball in the USA has referree betting scandals, Cricket has had corruption in betting scandals and recent cloud of possible murder ( fortunately dismissed) but with credible evidence of betting corrution in the wind.

Sport is at the mercey of big business and adminstrators egos and empires...the athletes suffer and are forced to " compete" to survive, risking their lives, their morality and their financial survival.

On the roads drivers get away with killing vulnerable road users and innocents..Countries go to war over dubious issues, putting young lives on the front line for back room politics.

Society is rife with double standards and since man picked up a bone and hit his mate to eat to survive that is the way it has been. Not that that is acceptable.

What is acceptable is to work to improve aspects of life we all share...our love of family, our need for food and excercise and our right to a clean and unpolluted planet.

All the rest is back gound noise that we have to deal with on a daily basis whilst we strive to survive with our sense of propriety intact.

Humbug to the cheats and those who exploit the situations for their own misguided ends...all of them...especially the snailmeedya

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Critical Review of the Legal Penalties for Drivers Who Kill Cyclists or Pedestrians

Not a lot of research is in the public domain on this. Jake Voelcker has submitted his paper to Bristol University on topic.

I commend this to all who have wondered about the leniency of sentences for deaths of vulnerable road users.

I also draw it to the attention of law enforcement and law makers across the globe. You can do better. This goes a long way to show you are not doing enough.

Are pedestrians and bicyclists deaths acceptable collateral damage for reckless use of lethal tonnes of steel in a public place?

Seems the Courts think so!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Mornington Peninsula's Natural Winter Warmth

oh yesssssss!! come on down its all here...

Peninsula Hot Springs - Muds Massage Minerals

this is the place on a cold winter's day... mmmmmmmmmm

Fast + Reliable

"Meet Dexter Benjamin, a New York City bicycle messenger with only one leg and zero excuses. This dude is what it's all about it, folks. If you only watch one documentary on AtomFilms, make sure this one is it. "

Friday, July 20, 2007

Cycling-Moments to Remember

This awesome clip and Johnny Cash combine to summarise life and it's metaphors

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Top 10 Banned Books of the 20th Century

I've read em all...hmmm condemned to eternal enlightenment!
clipped from
Top 10 Banned Books of the 20th Century
 blog it

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Self Serving or Deception ?

You have to wonder what goes through some people's minds when they are in denial and won't face the truth that they stuffed up.
Judgment by our peers in a court of law is the real testament to truth and values in society when someone has died.
Seems this guy wants to avoid that, and is loudly claiming he can't be fairly judged because of "bad press" and notorious politics brought about by his own hand.
And he ran his own survey to get his "proof" to support his claim that he won't get a fair trial and proceedings against him should be stayed permanently.
Seems he considers the whole of his State's Justice System a tool for his own ends.
Is this ego or just bloody minded absurdity!

The law on this is fairly clear and well enunciated by well researched info here and gets nitty gritty at points 89 & 118 through to 121.

Justice is blind, but the public aren't.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Michael Milton - a true blue Aussie - Get Well Soon

I met Michael when I was working a gig for Toyota Australia in 2005.
He is one of their key sponsored athletes and a great Australian who has conquered personal tragedy to beat the world.
We got to talking fitness, cycling, track cycling and his love of live. He loves challenges. Now he has more challenges.

Michael is a World Champion downhill speed skier winning 4 Gold Medals at the Winter ParaLympics, and in recent years "caught the cycling bug "- and after adopting cycling seriously as a competitive sport on the Track, and setting an Australian Record for the 3000m pursuit, he was named as a member of the Australian Cycling team to compete at the 2007 Paracycling World Championships coming up in Bordeaux France in October.

Now Michael may not compete. At the age of 34, he has been diagnosed with Oesophageal Cancer.

Here is Cycling Australia's statement of support for Michael.

"12 July 2007
Statement of support for Michael Milton
The board and members of Cycling Australia offer their support and wishes to Michael Milton and his family after learning he is suffering from oesophageal cancer.
Milton, 34, was selected to compete in the 2007 Para-Cycling World Championships being staged in Bordeaux, France in August after qualifying in Australian record time for a place in the 3000m pursuit on the track.
"Michael came to cycling in the wake of extraordinary success in skiing which saw him claim four gold medals at the 2002 Winter Paralympic Games and was on course to achieve more success in our sport," said Cycling Australia CEO, Graham Fredericks. "We are sure the determination and courage he has shown throughout his life will help him triumph again.
"The thoughts and very best wishes of the board and all our members are with Michael as he faces this challenge and we look forward to welcoming back to racing very soon."The Head Cycling Coach of the ACT Academy of Sport, Glenn Doney, has been advising Michael since last November and welcomed him into the ACTAS scholarship program in March this year after his success at the Australian Championships."In terms of his cycling Michael leaves no stone unturned and demonstrates an unbelievable level of motivation and dedication to achieving his goals," said Mr Doney. "Michael displays an unparalleled willpower to succeed and he exemplifies the addage that excellence is never ending.
"On a personal level he is an inspiration because of his generosity of spirit and his willingness to help others achieve their dreams," said Mr Doney. "He has never been egotistical about his past success because his focus is always on the next challenge and it's these personal qualities that will help him fight the cancer."
For further information (media only) please contact:

Gennie Sheer, Sheer Rhetoric - Communications Director, Cycling Australia

Tel: +61 (0) 418 863 533Cycling Australia website"

Michael has had to battle in his youth, his sports and his work. Those lessons from battles fought and won , he now brings to his fight for his own life. Michael has worked hard in the community to bring the message of life's fights to the fore.

Michael helped launch National Safe Schools Week at Parliament House in Canberra on 24th May. The focus was year is on bullying and the Government used the opportunity to announce funding of $200,000 for research. Michael is well qualified to talk on the subject being bullied for his disability as a child.
To learn more about Michael and send him a word of support for his fight and his activities check out his own website here
All the best mate, get well and give 'em hell !!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Melboring Meedya

It's a slow week in the news obviously..... and the desperates who call themselves journalists at Melboring Meedya have trotted out the old chestnuts ......
couldnt let the latest offering of nonsense from Melbourne's twisted media go, (you know the ones who mix healthy activity with sitting in a cage with a steering wheel for hours travelling 15klms every weekday and drive to the shops 200 meters from their homes, them)...well it is all stated so well by my mate cfsmtb http://cfsmtb. net and here is what she says:-

"Hi all,The Melboring meedya have been thrashing themselves into a lather again over those two-wheeled road rats. As you can read below, the VicPOL Air wing will be protecting the southern suburbs citizenry from vicious packs of marauding roadies.
****Come to think of it, the only lawbreaking I can observe is a white 4WD crossing double white lines in one of The Age articles.
Don't care much for this totally absurd and inappropriate over reaction?
Then contact the media to get your opinions out there, as so far most of the coverage has had gaps of logic big enough to drive a b-double through.
The Age Letters: +61 (0)3 96012414Snailmail: 250 Spencer Street, Melbourne 3000
Please feel free to pass on this (email) to anyone you know who would be interested.cheers,Chris ;)
-- ----------------------------------
The modern cyclist is making an elegant and intelligent response to pollution and traffic congestion.
Thanks Chris... Attitudes will not improve whilst the meedya deliver drivel like this...
"Not going to take it anymore"!! ?
Go to it folks, you'll feel better !

Sunday, July 08, 2007

MELBURN-ROOBAIX 07.07.07 -L'Fyxomatosis

l'enfer du northcote - it was that time again...... time to hit the pavé, crash over the cobbles, beat the jaw, spine and wrists into submission in the 2nd Annual Hell of the Northcote, the Melburn-Roobaix Classic on fixed velo's...

Presented by UGLY RACING, shifterbikes, team-cta, & FYXOMATOSIS the desperate combatants gathered at Fed Square at the 07.07.07 noon gong, under threatening skies, to gloat on the bling of years past, to query inches & ratios, check out Moltemi & Mapei jersey, Duegis track slippers (black of course for the road), and shiver at the prospect of the bone jarring pavé ahead across the plains and cols that are the heart of the now legendary Melburn-Roobaix parcours.

Would my trusty steel steed , equipped with 84 gear inches, roubaix-ready rims with cross laced 32's on Super record, and ancient reliable tubs get me up the "Col d' Ugly...hmm merd! Only the day's end would prove that ( did !..not easy and it was fun,(in a painful way) & but it was an agonisingly common shared experience across the peleton)
....time to go.

Under controlled start of the raised tri-coleur balloons, the peleton eased through the throng of well wishers and moved along the Champs de Birrarung, to the "church of afl" to collect the Directeur's "manifest" at the "G's" light tower 3, then to get on all fours and raise the derriere to the sky in hommage of the place and to plan and plot the "route du enfer".
ah,...hellish Airline Bank lane, argh!! ( 300m of shuddering 8% pave), the apt Little O'Grady Street, (where all genuflected in honour of the red headed annointed one), then Albert Park's Little Page, and the endless Ashworth, 2klms of pavé for those who wanted to shake their teeth from the heads, the side roads are a wimpier but saner option!. Up to the top floor of 189 Flinders Lane to register the empty car park number, (all in now drizzling freezing rain) lift or ramp, that is the question, whether tis nobler in the mind to elevate up and ramp it down, that 'twas the question....then down the lanes of caffiene to that fruity institution Café Tropicana, for a java or mega juice and a flat repair kit courtesy of BSC and l'mangement, merci maitre d'hôte. !, then via laTrobe to Bells Lane a hidden Gem, and on past l'hospital to hidden Vine Place..impossíble!!, on through the park in search of the coeur d'leon the #58 Tram, where was that?, , then Spurway & Cocoa Jackson lanes, ahh for a cocoa... then mérd!!!,
le Col d'Ugly ,,,aggh, say no more but it was all ( almost down hill to the R.O.W and the Velodrome entering to the crowds of well wishers and in a fleeting vision (of the momentous victory) of Le'Stuey!!,

Now that's over, get the to the Brunswick rubbity at the Lamond on Blythe and partake of warming black beer, body heat and gather by the fire, empty the ATM with unexpected mass use, and pick a punt on the TAB.

after congratulating L'generál Andy for unleashing hell once again, 'twas time to leave for a soaking bath, after a quick shower to de mud, find my toes and massage the thighs back into feeling from their state of numbing pain...I was tho'resplendant in the 07 black and red l'Fyxomatosis T-shirt, for a longer term memory fixer, (if such was ever needed)
'twas a day in Hell, wet, soggy, juddering memorable and bring on next year!! woohoo

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Be a CycleHero

Be a "CycleSuperHero"
check it out, enter the competition, save us from climate chaos by responsible transport choices
STOP PRESS A concerted effort to tackle climate change. The Stop Climate Chaos coalition - of which CTC is a member - has been chosen as the UK campaign partner for the biggest event of the year - Live Earth.JOIN CTC Do you want to be a Cycle Hero? Click here