Friday, September 14, 2007

Technique: How to ride safer in the city

(a great piece from Bike Radar, with warmer weather coming downunder, its timely to repeat this for commuters and utility bicyclists - especially those in crowded Sydney... Stay Alert...Be Visible, Predictable and Legal)

How to ride safer in the city
By Richard Peace

City Riding (Robert Smith)
Heavy urban traffic can seem like the most forbidding of environments for cyclists. But a few simple rules help make it safer: Stay alert, follow the traffic rules, stay alert, look out for HGVs and stay alert.
There's simply so much to look out for and quick decisions need to be made all the time as you fight your way through traffic. However, being aware and acting correctly in the circumstances you find yourself in will make light of most potential problems, from parked HGVs blocking your lane to pedestrians dashing into your path.
In fact, the traffic-clogged city can be where you most appreciate a bike, coasting past the rush hour traffic and dotting around town without having to worry about car parking fees and traffic wardens. To enjoy it you just need to Ride Right in the city...(read the rest


Anonymous said...

Heh, 'be alert, be visible' this is where we get criticised for dressing like some kind of maniac parrot.

Rooman said...

yes, very true, but strength lies both in numbers riding and in greater numbers doing the right thing. This includes being visible...better to be visible and the subject of a ranting substandard journalist's ( and his peers) misguided enthusiasm to incite hatred amongst amongst his paper's perceived audience than appeasing such whimsies and not being visible or worse still not...being alive.
Being alert is a two way thing in my book, it requires being responsible to alert others of your presence on the roadway, which is a part of one's common law duty of care on the highway anyway (basic Law of Tort)and to assist in discharging that duty , if you are a vulnerable road user, alerting others by as many means at your disposal is a given. If that offends a journalist's and other's (warped?) sense of appropriate fashion and peer pressure trendyism so be it! Thank's Crowlie, for the timely reminder of these recent rants... it is easy for them disparage by their prejudices...!, it's their problem. One day they may see how small minded they are!