Sunday, April 27, 2008

Plain of Jars


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If you get the chance to travel to Asia and want to contribute to a nation recover from its journey in this world's (human-driven wish to bring change, through violence, & agressive) self interests of others, please visit the Plain of Jars in Laos PDR.

The video gives an idea of the pain the locals have suffered through war and being the most heavily bombed place on earth. With all that torment, the Plain of Jars is there to reveal one of the greatest mysteries of mankind's existence on this planet. Scattered across the plain are thousands of huge urn like vessels, believed to be around 2,000 years old.
Why they are there is an ongoing mystery and we are in awe of their size and what their purpose was. Many scholars believe they may have been used for storage of food, water and even brewing "lao-lao" a rice wine.

UNESCO is undertaking studies with Laotian scholars and visiting archaeologists. The work is both huge in scale and massive in mystery.

Large lids have been found near some to add to this view, many have human remains and were possibly used for burial urns, or perhaps adapted to that purpose.
The Plain of Jars is a must visit, it has 136 archaeological sites and it has been open to tourism since 1992.
Whilst much of the plain is still inaccessible to tourism due to unexploded ordnance (from the tens of thousands of bombs of the "Secret War"of the USA's CIA against North Vietnam's use of Laos to deliver its military machine into South Vietnam).

The ongoing clearance program which may take another 90 years to see through, is continuing as scholars and tourists, and locals alike, go about their daily routines to help recover the knowledge and history of these massive testaments to human, endeavour , ingenuity and survival in the face of adversity and pain. over the eons.

Visit if you can, immerse, and contribute.

The Plain of Jars is there waiting for you.

As you watch this video, listen to the words of Michael McDonald's song, "The Plain of Jars" - it is moving and links into the awe of the place.

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