Monday, June 09, 2008

The Cost of Climate Change

What We’ll Pay if Global Warming Continues Unchecked

The cost of inaction on climate change is clearly defined in a report commissioned by Natural Resources Defense Council (The NRDC). Based on modelling of the findings of the 2006 Stern Report this outline clearly is a wake up call if you aren't already wide awake.

Although it shows outcomes for the USA, it is alarmingly frank enough for any reader to see the consequences (for the whole planet) of ignorance and inaction and a "business as usual attitude".

Any business or government which ignores this report is guilty of gross incompetence and would (I will go so far as to say) be committing not only a crime against humanity, but a crime of wholesale criminal activity , a crime of the most perverse and rapacious kind against our world, this planet Earth.

This is more than an inconvenient truth , it is reinforcement in a graphic and scarey way which means our children will have a very different Earth on which many will struggle to survive.

Alarmist isnt the word, facing the truth is more like it, owning up to what we have allowed and continue to allow.

Act now, tell your politicians and business connections to wake up to themselves, tell your friends we humans can't continue with business as usual, we have to find a new way to survive on this Planet or get off it... if we dont it will kick us off!
Did you know that rising sea levels places more ocean weight on magma chambers beneath oceans and forces volcanoes into action, continents to move and the earth to rip apart, yes the Earth is fighting back at us, at our climate change inaction.
The Earth is responding as a single, integrated system to climate change driven by human activities. Global warming is not just a matter of warmer weather, more floods or stronger hurricanes, its a wake-up call. It may be no coincidence that one outcome of increased volcanic activity is likely to be a period of falling temperatures, as a veil of volcanic dust and gas reduces the amount of solar radiation reaching the surface. Maybe the Earth is trying to tell us something. It really would be worth listening before it is too late.

The next great extinction will include human kind. It's within our capability to stop it in our lifetime, we can act to allow human kind a longer period of existence on this planet Earth than the short one we have mapped out for ourselves. After 4.5billion years of slow change on Earth, through the planet slowly becoming habitable and our lifeforms building to sophisticated and thinking, reasoning beings, we now have a situation where the dominant thinker on this planet is responsible for its imminent destruction as a biosphere that will sustain life as we know it.
We are at the stage where Modern Humans and their Ancestral forebears who have for the last 3 Million or so years enjoyed an oasis in a desert of Space's emptiness, rock and gases, but we have transformed this gem in the last 100 years into a doomed dying ecosystem.

Read this report, and act... you owe it to yourself and your children and hopefully if they live to survive The Climate Change debacle... so will their children and beyond for eons to come.

Don't be part of the problem anymore, be a catalyst for change and a solution

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