Thursday, July 12, 2007

Melboring Meedya

It's a slow week in the news obviously..... and the desperates who call themselves journalists at Melboring Meedya have trotted out the old chestnuts ......
couldnt let the latest offering of nonsense from Melbourne's twisted media go, (you know the ones who mix healthy activity with sitting in a cage with a steering wheel for hours travelling 15klms every weekday and drive to the shops 200 meters from their homes, them)...well it is all stated so well by my mate cfsmtb http://cfsmtb. net and here is what she says:-

"Hi all,The Melboring meedya have been thrashing themselves into a lather again over those two-wheeled road rats. As you can read below, the VicPOL Air wing will be protecting the southern suburbs citizenry from vicious packs of marauding roadies.
****Come to think of it, the only lawbreaking I can observe is a white 4WD crossing double white lines in one of The Age articles.
Don't care much for this totally absurd and inappropriate over reaction?
Then contact the media to get your opinions out there, as so far most of the coverage has had gaps of logic big enough to drive a b-double through.
The Age Letters: +61 (0)3 96012414Snailmail: 250 Spencer Street, Melbourne 3000
Please feel free to pass on this (email) to anyone you know who would be interested.cheers,Chris ;)
-- ----------------------------------
The modern cyclist is making an elegant and intelligent response to pollution and traffic congestion.
Thanks Chris... Attitudes will not improve whilst the meedya deliver drivel like this...
"Not going to take it anymore"!! ?
Go to it folks, you'll feel better !


cfsmtb said...

A slightly politer family-viewing version can be found on WoJ:

I'm not usually this grumpy folks, just the news about this & the Palace etc, has put me into a rather shite mood ...

Anonymous said...

Well said. Linked to you hereCrowlie