Friday, July 27, 2007

Media and its Hunger de Farce

Re: opinion de farce
A female runner has tested positive for EPO in an OOC test on Jun 18, is International Athletics being called IAAF de Farce?, (remember Ben Johnsson, FloJo etal?) Ferarri is claiming a spying scandal in F1 de Farce, Italy has had corruption exposed in its football administration in UEFAdefarce, AFL is legendary in FootydeFarce... Pro basketball in the USA has referree betting scandals, Cricket has had corruption in betting scandals and recent cloud of possible murder ( fortunately dismissed) but with credible evidence of betting corrution in the wind.

Sport is at the mercey of big business and adminstrators egos and empires...the athletes suffer and are forced to " compete" to survive, risking their lives, their morality and their financial survival.

On the roads drivers get away with killing vulnerable road users and innocents..Countries go to war over dubious issues, putting young lives on the front line for back room politics.

Society is rife with double standards and since man picked up a bone and hit his mate to eat to survive that is the way it has been. Not that that is acceptable.

What is acceptable is to work to improve aspects of life we all share...our love of family, our need for food and excercise and our right to a clean and unpolluted planet.

All the rest is back gound noise that we have to deal with on a daily basis whilst we strive to survive with our sense of propriety intact.

Humbug to the cheats and those who exploit the situations for their own misguided ends...all of them...especially the snailmeedya

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