Saturday, July 28, 2007

Teach em Young

Does your mom think you are a "doper"?

This just in from Graeme Street, Cyclo-Core Coach & "Nutritionist in Connetticut, his mom asks the question, as she doesnt know what to think these days!

"My mother thinks I'm a DOPER! Does yours?
My mother just asked me last night if I was taking
"dope" to help me ride better like the PRO's!!
I said..."WHAT?! Ma...I'm just a REGULAR EVERYDAY
CYCLIST! Not some PRO with a paycheck! Do you think
I'm stupid enough to do something like that? I don't
even race a lot? I'm no Tour contender, I'm barely
even a group ride contender!;)" (she didn't get it)
To me, the question was comical. But to her, it was
a serious question as she is NOT a cyclist and can only
speculate about things based on what she hears in the
news. And you know what...I DON'T BLAME HER!
She doesn't understand that 'Everyday Cyclists', people
like YOU & ME, ride for the pleasure, the self-challenge,
and the pure joy of the sport! Not to contaminate our
bodies so we can win our local bunch sprint on Saturdays
or the Masters division in a race! Come'on!
Do you see the problem here though rob?
It's time to CHANGE THINGS...and we are the ONLY people
who can do it! You and Me...and I need your help!
The MISSION of Cyclo-CORE and Graeme Street:
1. Help YOU, and every other cyclist I come in contact
with get in the absolute best physical and mental
shape possible through the use of SMART TRAINING,
HEALTHY EATING, FOCUSED RIDING and a System that works!
I can't possibly do this one at a time, so that's why I
have my TRAINING & NUTRITION System...
2. Demonstrate to the WORLD just how much a person
with the right info, support, and drive can make a

difference in their life and the live's around them.
(I want and need your feedback, stories, and success
to share with others and FEED the positivity! )
3. Develop ongoing programming for ALL of us to have
a community to call our own, where we can come together
to learn, improve, get stronger, and have more fun!
(I am already working on this and plan on having my
New SECRET PROJECT up and running in September!)
4. Get to the Juniors! Develop the base support all
junior development needs to ride healthy, strong, and
happy! This one is critical to bring the sport back
(My ideas for Juniors are coming out soon, so if you
run a junior development squad, please email: and leave a contact.)
5. Lastly, I am determined to bring more support to the
offline cycling clubs, charters, teams, and charities that
exist and create a HUB of solidarity for us all so we can
improve together. HUMAN CONTACT!
**If you are a coach, a trainer, spin instructor, team
leader, group leader, etc. Please email: and place in the subject line:
---(your name), want to help!---
Well that's it rob. I'm no doper and I know

that you are not either...but the writing is on the wall.
Some people see negativity with what's going on, but I
see OPPORTUNITY! The chance to make a decisive difference
in people's lives and in the sport I love so much.
I for one, am ready for the challenge. Are you?
Ride Hard. Call Your Mom. Move Towards Opportunity.
Graeme Street
The Cyclo-CORE On the Go! and Cyclo-FUEL Nutrition
COMBO is a great starting place for ANY CYCLIST who
wants a fast, effective, proven way to get strong and
lean for improved health and cycling!

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