Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Self Serving or Deception ?

You have to wonder what goes through some people's minds when they are in denial and won't face the truth that they stuffed up.
Judgment by our peers in a court of law is the real testament to truth and values in society when someone has died.
Seems this guy wants to avoid that, and is loudly claiming he can't be fairly judged because of "bad press" and notorious politics brought about by his own hand.
And he ran his own survey to get his "proof" to support his claim that he won't get a fair trial and proceedings against him should be stayed permanently.
Seems he considers the whole of his State's Justice System a tool for his own ends.
Is this ego or just bloody minded absurdity!

The law on this is fairly clear and well enunciated by well researched info here and gets nitty gritty at points 89 & 118 through to 121.

Justice is blind, but the public aren't.

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